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Lexington Woman Demographics:



Educated Readers

(readers in their prime acquisition years and highly educated)


86% of our readers are between ages 26 - 64

26-48: 52%

45+: 48%


64% of our readers are college graduates

Graduate Degree or Studies: 28%

College Degree or Studies: 38%

High School Degree: 15%



Professional/Management: 28%

Self-employed: 15%

Managerial: 11%

Retired: 11%

Sales: 7%



84% of our readers are married


More than half of direct deliveries have family incomes above $70,000

Average Family Income: $92,000

Monthy Discretionary Income +2,000



Number of Vechicles

Own 4 or more: 5%

Own 3: 23%

Own 2: 56%

Own 1: 16%



Direct Delivered (in home): 12,000


Fort Jackson (MWR)

Distributed to Lexington Physicians' offices

Beauty Salons, Day Spas

Lexington Chamber of Commerce

West Columbia Chamber of Commerce

Irmo Chamber of Commerce

Print Run: 20,000








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